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Wi-Fi connectivity has evolved from network convenience to business critical.

You know you need a Wi-Fi system for your school campus, healthcare center, business or hotel, but you don’t know where to start. NETSIAN Technologies Group offers comprehensive wireless consulting that can be tailored to your needs. We can anticipate interference issues that may arise, and solve them first. NETSIAN is a leading provider of all requirements for business wireless LAN, enabling businesses to stay abreast of the breakneck speed of development in high bandwidth applications.
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Our experienced technicians are experts in computer networking and wireless networking. We offer troubleshooting and consulting. NETSIAN Technologies Group has worked with many business owners and IT professionals assisting them in their journey to turn their building into a Commercial Wi-Fi hotspot. Our staff is able to guide you through the entire process from getting your computers from a wired network to a complete wireless environment.

"Wi-Fi" Hot Spot solutions are incredibly useful for airports, coffee shops/restaurants, hotels, internet cafes, convention centers, libraries, shopping centers, and many more. This solution offers anytime, anywhere broadband Internet access, and is specifically designed for ‘hot spots’ which require extra security features unnecessary with regular enterprise wireless LANs.

NETSIAN Technologies Group is an integrator specializing in design build solutions and special systems deployment that incorporating ‘best practices’ technology for reliable, low maintenance technology solutions. Please contact our Account Management team today to learn more about how our products and services.

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