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NETSIAN Technologies Group delivers workplace comfort and energy efficiency.

NETSIAN Technologies Group develops innovative and dependable building controls that help you operate your facility so that workplace comfort is achieved while reducing energy use. We take great care in evaluating and implementing new technologies to reduce energy use and increase efficiency. We work closely with our EMS partner, Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation. Today’s buildings are becoming increasingly complex. Building automation systems don’t just control the basics. They regulate airflow, monitor energy use and are being called upon to integrate with security, lighting, and other systems throughout buildings to deliver comfort, safety and energy efficiency, helping you get the most out of your building, today and tomorrow.
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We provide advanced building technologies and energy solutions for thousands of customers and we are dedicated to delivering an extraordinary customer experience and world-class service. Our technicians are trained and certified to troubleshoot and service multiple building automation systems. We offer scheduled preventive maintenance to insure uninterrupted service at your facility.

**We work with APS and SRP on energy rebates.

A Wise Investment

An energy management system gives you more control and easier access to information than any other system of its kind. It incorporates open systems technologies of both the building automation and the information technologies industries. The result is a system that integrates all your building equipment, organizes the information in the most logical way imaginable and delivers it where and when you need it. The data obtained from these can then be used to produce trend analysis and annual consumption forecasts.

The value of strong energy management as a proxy for overall organizational management is increasingly recognized by financial analysts. We also work with the bottom line — good energy management is good business and adopting an energy management strategy is a business decision you cannot afford to ignore.

NETSIAN Technologies Group is an integrator specializing in design build solutions and special systems deployment that incorporating ‘best practices’ technology for reliable, low maintenance technology solutions. Please contact our Account Management team today to learn more about how our products and services.

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